jd thompson media - select samples
flash / media
BEF / The North Face Carbon Calculator
flash programming, design modifications

TrustPlus Video Presentation - "Rethink Trust"
video production, design and development

VideoIQ Monitoring System Tour
design, flash production, supervision of voice over

Thales Navigation Magellan RoadMate Product Overview
Thales Navigation MobileMapper Product Overview
full layout and flash construction

RSA Holiday Greeting
flash production

VeriSign Managed Security Services Product Demo

project management, developed 3d demo graphics to match design existing design standards, user interface, music

RSA Mobile Product Demo

voice-over and navigation framework was provided, then jdtm produced all of the interior flash content (graphics, animation)

BOSS - Bouchard On Strategic Services

100% flash, full site design, graphics

Liberty Alliance Project Overview

design, flash production, animation

Initiative for Open Authentication
full site design, implementation, management

Gordon Aatlo Jewelery
full site design, implementation

Smooth Sale
full site design, implementaiton

Liberty Alliance Project
full site design, implementation

full site design, implementation

Tall Guys for Kerry
full site design, content, implementation

content, implementation

InfoGroup Interactive
(slide designs)
River Raft
DareDevil (desktop wallpaper - 800x600)
Teacups (desktop wallpaper - 1024x768)
PowerPop (desktop wallpaper - 800x600)
Music in the Weeds
Tech Glyphs
Nova Venture Icons
Additional Icons
logos / identity
Excel Expert
Music In The Weeds
Liberty Alliance Project

RSA Racing Team
sound / music
GreenSleeves (traditional, mp3 - 743k)
two tracks of accoustic guitar, backing keyboards
photo manipulation
Going Solo (before / after)
JD Thompson Media
web, graphic, multimedia design
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